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Mécacyl manufactures and offers a lubrication principle which allows, in any metal-to-metal friction system, to move from a so-called “crystalline” surface to a “lamellar” surface and therefore from friction to almost perfect sliding.

Mécacyl does not contain any unidentified product, nor any particular substance which gives it its properties. Mécacyl products are formulated from a unique know-how in the world. All our hyper-lubricants can be used alone or in addition to different supports (oil, water, sulfur, acid, etc.). Mécacyl is the invention of a molecular chain which makes it possible to move from lubrication by film deposition or by modification of the oil (without replacing it) to a exceptional lubrication, whatever its environment (temperature, contaminant or other).

Unparalleled capabilities and performance to date! Indeed, the inorganic properties of Mécacyl allow it to achieve exceptional performance in terms of durability, slippage, pollution reduction and fuel consumption reduction.

Our manufacturing plant is entirely managed by automation, which guarantees the quality of our products and their conformity. 

This form of lubrication, unique in the world, which functions, in its nature and in its mode of action, unlike oils and additives has been awarded several times and recognized for its extraordinary effectiveness.

The molecular chain used in the formulation of Mécacyl products is a hyper-lubricant in its own right and this is why we can guarantee and ensure usage and efficiency for all mechanical, industrial, technical applications worldwide.

Since its creation until today, our company has made innovation its priority in order to produce hyper-lubricants with real added values. We continue our efforts every day to obtain ever more results year after year and provide you with ever greater satisfaction.