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 CONTRAINDICATIONS– Is Mécacyl BVA compatible with all automatic transmissions? Are there any contraindications?

Answer:Mécacyl BVA is compatible with all types of automatic transmissions.

-         Worn transmissions.

-          Transmissions that leak oil

-          Malfunctioning

-          Filings present upon an oil change

-          If additives have been used.

CONTRAINDICATIONS – My automatic transmission works properly but it’s a little worn considering the age and kilometres on it. I’ve been thinking about some type of blend for a transmission fluid change. Can I use Mécacyl BVA? 

Answer: Mécacyl BVA is not recommended for worn transmissions. You can use Mécacyl BVA in automatic transmissions in cases where there is no oil leakage, malfunctioning or additives have been used. If your automatic transmission is a bit worn considering its age, Mécacyl will meet your needs; namely:
Perfect cold or hot slip, no inertia or oxidation. Less energy demand. And suppleness and silence.