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WARRANTIES - I bought Mécacyl HJD and poured about 1/3 the bottle into my tank as recommended on the label, but a lot of white fumes came out. I noticed a suspicious odour when I got home. The next day, my vehicle stalled twice upon starting and that had never happened to me before. The coolant level has also gone down. I took my vehicle to the garage and they thought Mécacyl HJD had damaged the EGR valve. Is there a warranty on the product or insurance that will cover a portion of these repairs?

Answer: Le Mécacyl HJD prevents fouling in EGR valves and protects the entire system from moisture, contaminants and other elements. Mécacyl eliminates moisture. So, if there is coolant in contact with Mécacyl HJD due to a defective part, Mécacyl automatically tries to remove it and that’s why you saw the exhaust fumes. An anhydrous vehicle (without water) remains rust-free and shows less wear. But, it cannot cause any leakage. In order to better answer your question, please tell us the kilometres on the vehicle, how long you’ve been the owner (for how many kilometres and since when), whether the vehicle was switched to Mécacyl CR, the number of km put on the vehicle per year, when and where you purchased your Mécacyl product. In answer to your question, all of our products are insured and guaranteed if used as recommended.

EXPIRY DATE - Is there an expiry date for Mécacyl CR?

Answer: Mécacyl never expires but there is a small volatile portion that can evaporate a little over time once the product has been opened. So, close it well and keep it in a cool place, away from light. If there is no change in the liquid (suspended particles, significant thickening...), you can still use it.