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FREE DRUM - I’ve got 10 drums, so 10 points. How can I get a free tank with my 10 points?

Answer: You go to one of our resellers, show your loyalty card with your points and they give you the Mécacyl product you want for free.

FREE BOTTLE  I saved the lid on the cardboard bottle not knowing that there was a card and points on the bottles. I’ve already got 4. Is it good for a free bottle?

Answer: All forms of justification are valid but, remember that it’s after the 10th purchase that the 11th product of your choice is free. If you have any problems with your distributor, you can send your loyalty points to SOCIÉTÉ MÉCACYL, ZI Auguste III, 11 Rue des Arestieux - 33610 CESTAS. In the meantime, you can request a loyalty card from your distributor.

LOYALTY CARD – How do you get a Mécacyl loyalty card?

Answer: Our Mécacyl loyalty cards are available in shops that sell our hyper lubricants. If you make purchases via our website www.mecacyl.com, your points directly accumulate at the website. 

LOYALTY CARD – What do you do once your loyalty card is full?

Answer: Once the card is full, show it at your habitual point of sale or any other point of sale and the distributor will provide you with a free bottle.