Secure payments


All payments for your orders are made directly through one of our banking partners.

Communicating your credit card number via the bank server upon payment for your order is completely secure.

In fact, such transactions involve no risk given that your credit card details are never clearly transferred via the network: they are encrypted pursuant to SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocols.


For the payment by check, want indicate the following address:

ZI Auguste III
11, chemin des Arestieux
33610 CESTAS


For utmost security, you are advised to choose a secure password. It must not be too easy to guess (your date of birth, “Mécacyl” or your username, for example).
We recommend you choose a password with:
    - Numbers
    - Capital and small letters.
    - Special characters (such as ^ / * $ . | -).
    - Your password must include at least eight characters.

We recommend using a specific password only for Mécacyl and changing it regularly.

Do not reveal your passwords to anyone. Mécacyl will never ask you for your passwords by email or phone.


We strongly advise you to maintain updated anti-virus software, activate a firewall and install the security updates recommended by the manufacturers of your applications and operating system.


If you use a terminal that is shared with others such as a public computer, we recommend you always log out of your account before leaving our site.


A deceitful attack made by taking advantage of Internet users’ trust. The victim receives an email with a notoriously known company’s or administration’s letterhead (bank, telephone company, PayPal, tax authority, family assistance service...). The aim is to lure Internet users to a website by using any means they are particularly sensitive to (security, fraud, reimbursement...).

Upon clicking on the link provided in the email, the user is connected to a site with the same look as the legitimate one - often a perfect copy of the original. Users are then invited to provide confidential information (access codes, bank card numbers...) without realising they are victims of fraud.

This is how pirates easily obtain these codes or bank details for their own use.

A few useful tips:
-   Use anti-phishing functions provided by your browser and updated anti-virus software.
-   Do not trust an email sender’s address (From:) as it is easy to insert whatever one wants.
-   Do not click on any links in emails. When possible, enter the site address in your browser or use a “favourite”.
-   When connecting or being readdressed to our site, make sure you are connected to the https and the URL ends with “Mecacyl.com/”