> Garantees and Certifications

All of our products are regulated pursuant to OECD Guidelines No. 404 405 423 – 26/01/2001 – 21/01/2007 (ISO 11014-01 SDS standard EEC Directives 91/155-01/58). Mécacyl is guaranteed for all mechanical applications anywhere in the world.


Our guarantees:

  • More than 2 million loyal users throughout the world
  • More than 25 years of experience, testing, assays and analyses
  • Several international awards (Innova...)
  • Various professional acknowledgements (manufacturers and industries)
  • Certification and validation from independent laboratories (REACH, Arts et Métiers ParisTech - France)
  • A unique partnership in the world with AXA (international approval)


Using Mécacyl hyper-lubricants provides a number of benefits (depending on the product):

  • 8-15% less fuel consumption
  • A significant decrease in mechanical wear
  • Less pollution
  • It gets ahead of the oil and protects it
  • Better metal against metal sliding
  • Decreases and even stops vibrations and noise
  • Improves engine performance: power, torque, recovery
  • Lowers operating temperatures
  • Easier starting in cold weather
  • Doesn’t lead to the loss of any manufacturer warranties


The role of a lubricant is to extend the durability of mechanical parts. Mécacyl guarantees even more: as a hyper-lubricant, it is able to lubricate mechanical elements and facilitate part operation all while increasing their durability and performance. And it’s all done without altering the product in any way.

Mécacyl products are formulated based on unique-in-the-world know-how. Our production plant (controlled cracking) is entirely automatic. All of our products, trademarks and slogans are copyright protected. 


A hyper-lubricant manufacturer, Mécacyl has internationally unique technology to chemically, physically and mechanically overcome all of the limitations of lubrication in the mechanical, automobile and industrial sectors. With its revolutionary process, Mécacyl gets the following results (approved and certified by the ENSAM - France laboratories):

  • Less wear and friction
  • Lower operating temperatures
  • Less energy consumption

Because of these results, we were able to sign a strong International Business Liability policy through AXA Assurances that has covered us since 1999. It allows us to offer unique international guarantees in this field for any mechanical use of our hyper-lubricants in engines, rotary engines, turbines and metal/metal mechanisms, even for recreational, civil, commercial and military aviation, aeronautics and the aerospace industry.


By using Mécacyl, there is no loss of manufacturer warranties or lubricant warranties as:

  • It does not belong to the additive family. 
  • It is insurance company-approved just like oil. 

Following this, other certification systems have attested to the efficacy and usefulness of our products:

  • Arts et Métiers ParisTech (France)
  • REACH (European Regulation)
  • Innova Brussels (Belgium)


Back in 2006, Mécacyl received a Gold Medal at the International Exhibition on Innovation, Research and New Technologies in Brussels. Our products have also received a EURÊKA Gold Medal and Innovation Trophy. These acknowledgements only emphasize the Mécacyl performance and its answer to global warming and the greenhouse gas effects.