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Mécacyl produces and offers a lubricating active ingredient that helps change “crystalline” surfaces to “lamellar” surfaces in any metal against metal friction system for nearly perfect sliding friction.

Mécacyl does not contain any unidentified product or any particular substance creating its properties. Mécacyl products are formulated based on unique-in-the-world know-how. All of our hyper-lubricants can be used alone or as a complement to different mediums (oil, water, sulphur, acid...). Mécacyl is all about having invented a molecular chain to turn film deposit or oil modification lubrication (without replacing it) into exceptional lubrication, irrespective of the environment (temperature, contaminant or other).

Capabilities and performance never before seen! In fact, the inorganic properties of Mécacyl mean exceptionally less wear, sliding, pollution and fuel consumption.


Our production plant is entirely automatic which guarantees the quality of our products and their conformity. 

This form of lubrication, which is unique in the world and works the opposite of oil and additives by nature and means of action, has been distinguished and recognised several times for its extraordinary efficacy.

The molecular chain used to create Mécacyl products is a comprehensive hyper-lubricant and that’s why we can guarantee and ensure its use and efficacy for any mechanical, industrial, technical application in the world.

Ever since it was founded, our company has made innovation its top priority in order to produce hyper-lubricants with real added value. We try each day to always obtain better results year after year to bring you more satisfaction.