> Advantages

Mécacyl produces and offers a unique-in-the-world lubricating active ingredient that helps change “crystalline” surfaces to “lamellar” surfaces in any metal against metal friction system for nearly perfect sliding friction.

Thanks to Mécacyl, you will save on fuel and, therefore, save money. By becoming fuel efficient, you also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And it also means 8 to 15% FUEL SAVINGS or €100-180 on average between 2 oil changes 10,000 km apart.

Improved performance

  •  In torque, power and acceleration
  •  Cuts endothermal reactions
  •  Piston-cylinder transfer known as “cold transfer”
  •  No pounding, knocking or explosion instability. With Mécacyl, this leads to remarkable   continuous thrust with surprising suppleness upon decisive acceleration.

Less energy consumption

  •  Up to 15% savings with a heat engine
  •  Up to 45% savings with an electromechanical system

Durability and reliability

  • Stabilized mechanical availability around 95-98%, depending on the engine
  • TBO heavy maintenance checks can be postponed 4 or more times, depending on the operating environment
  • Less rusting due to the oil deacidification (1.826 to 0.626) for example

Silence & suppleness

  •  Better metal against metal sliding
  •  Silent operation
  •  Vibration suppression

Less wear

  •  No friction, wear or vibrations
  •  Less limitations and mechanical fatigue
  •  Typical drop in cold fluid capacitance of around 45%
  •  Less “electronic” work for electronically controlled engines.

Perfect combustion and less pollution

  •  Less oil burning leads to a significant decrease in HC (hydrocarbons) to near zero
  •  Near zero carbon monoxide (CO) pollution
  •  15-20% less CO²
  •   Less nitrogen oxide pollution 
  •   Hotter exhaust meaning the fuel is better burnt (EGR valve and particle filter protection)