DABS - Organic Mechanical Soap

DABS - Organic Mechanical Soap

Composed of wood and vegetable flour, soap without any solvent, in accordance with the AFNOR 73-101 standard. Protects the epidermis of the hands and easily removes sludge and stubborn grease around the nails.

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MECHANICIAN PLANT SOAP: the effective soap for heavy soiling of mechanics' hands.
Mechanics have long used aggressive soaps based on microbeads containing solvents or silica-based soaps, necessary to remove grease from hands. The skin of the hands deteriorates, nails become blackened and during the winter months chapping can occur, especially when hands are washed with cold water.

The composition of the VEGETABLE MECHANICAL SOAP is 100% vegetable matter, wood and plant dust. It contains no solvents and treats the epidermis of the hands.

The VEGETABLE MECHANICAL SOAP is very effective for cleaning heavy dirt (grease, sludge, tar, brake dust, paints, inks...) from hands or other parts of the body. The edges of the nails remain perfectly clean and neat.
Not only does it easily degrease the hands, but it also softens and treats the epidermis and does not cause any cracking. This organic soap contains sweet almond oil, it softens and moisturizes the skin. It is presented as a green vegetable powder. Its fragrance is pleasant. It is absolutely not aggressive for the skin. Its revitalising action with sweet almond oil makes the skin soft and leaves a pleasant pine forest scent.

This organic soap powder is used by our professionals and is recognized for its effectiveness and simplicity of use.

Its wall-mounted dispenser makes it very economical because one dose is enough for a complete hand wash. It complies with the AFNOR NFT 73-101 standard.

A dispenser can be offered according to the number of buckets ordered.

Data sheet

Product name Organic Mechanical Soap
Type of product Consommables
Advantages Savon ultra efficace, Savon végétal biologique, Aucun solvant, Contient de l'huile d'amande - adoucit et hydrate la peau, Conforme à la norme AFNOR NFT 73-101, Nettoyage de salissures très fortes (graisses, cambouis, groudrons...), Efficacité renforcée par un abrasif végétal micronisé
Used for Nettoyant
Frequency of use Voir onglet "Mode d'emploi"
Instructions for use Voir onglet "Mode d'emploi"
Certifications Norme AFNOR NFT 73-101
Gains générés To clean
Référence DA232
Composants Mélange de savons d'acides gras, tensioactifs anioniques, tensio actifs non ioniques, agents surgraissants, abrasif d'origine végétale, parfum et conservateurs.


DABS - Savon Mécanicien Biologique